Friday, September 18, 2009

Mind Boggling and Extraordinary Wordpress Themes

Greetings everyone. This is our first official inspirational post and there is a lot of inspiration that was found around the net during the past few months. Wordpress is becoming the vehicle for a lot of designers who harnessed the technical side of this versatile tool to showcase how they can transform a simple blogging tool to a stunning and mind blowing design that is equal or surpass css designs. Creating good Wordpress themes is becoming more popular now with the introduction of new versions of wordpress that help designers to achieve highets that were not possible. Here are some post gathered from around the internet with some exceptional and extraordinary wordpress theme designs. Have fun and enjoy.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Home for the Coolest and most Inspirational Wordpress Themes and Sites

This blog is about a weekly collection of the best and coolest wordpress themes and sites available on the net. Every week we will showcase a variety of wordpress themes and sites carrying such tags as: portfolio themes, blog themes, e-commerce themes, personal themes, magazine themes, and photography themes. The themes might be available for free or can be purchased from the owners of the themes. Our purpose is to showcase them whether free or purchased. Stay tuned for our first weekly round up.